Top 8 Spots Where to Fish in Margaret River

5 Oct 2023

Tucked away in the picturesque corners of Western Australia, the Margaret River region is renowned for its world-class wines and stunning landscapes. But beyond the vineyards and the wine tasting, there’s another hidden treasure that’s waiting to be explored: Margaret River fishing.

If you’re wondering where to fish in Margaret River, you’ve come to the right place. This part of Western Australia boasts some of the most abundant fishing spots, perfect for both seasoned anglers and curious beginners. Join us as we cast our lines and explore the top fishing spots in the Margaret River region.

Infographic on Fishing areas and types of fish found

1. The Margaret River Mouth

A picturesque setting where the river meets the ocean, this spot promises Australian Salmon, Herring, and Black Bream. Prawns prove effective for tempting Black Bream, while Australian Salmon are best sought with metal lures. Also, herring bites come more readily with small baitfish. The ideal times to fish here are dawn or the late afternoon, especially during the Australian Salmon’s autumn migration.

2. Hamelin Bay

Known for its serene blue waters, Hamelin Bay is home to Whiting and Squid. Worms make excellent bait for Whiting, while squid jigs are perfect for those targeting Squid. Mid-morning to late afternoon sees the best action here.

3. Gnarabup Beach

A tranquil spot, Gnarabup Beach harbours Whiting, Skippy, and Herring. Worms remain a favourite for Whiting, while prawns attract Skippy and small baitfish are the choice for Herring. The calm of the early morning and late afternoon make these times most productive.

4. Flinders Bay

With its pristine conditions, Flinders Bay is a hotspot for Snapper, Dhufish, and Groper. Squid baits allure Snapper, fish fillets are irresistible to Dhufish, and Gropers can’t resist crabs. The calm of the early morning, especially during summer, is the prime time for fishing here.

5. Boranup Beach

A stretch of white sand and rolling waves, Boranup is a preferred spot for Mulloway, Tailor, and even some Shark. Use mulies for the Mulloway and Tailor, and for Sharks, larger baitfish or fish fillets. Night time proves best for Mulloway and Shark, while Tailor are most active at dawn or dusk.

6. Cowaramup Bay

A peaceful bay with clear waters, here you can find Salmon, Skippy, and Squid. Metal lures are effective for Salmon, Skippy are tempted by prawns, and Squid are often caught with jigs. Late afternoons are perfect for Skippy and Squid, whereas the August annual salmon run is the best time for Salmon fishing.

7. Bunker Bay

Tucked away and sheltered, Bunker Bay is a peaceful enclave known for its clear waters and white sandy stretches. A variety of species, including Whiting, Herring, and even the occasional Snapper, can be found in these waters. Worms and small baitfish can be quite successful, especially when used during the cooler hours of dawn or at sunset.

8. Redgate Beach

Situated between limestone cliffs and framed by native flora, Redgate Beach offers a blend of beauty and bountiful fishing opportunities. The surf here can be strong, making it a favourite spot for species like Tailor and Salmon. Using pilchards or mulies can attract these powerful swimmers, especially during the early morning or late afternoon.

Local Regulations and Safety Tips

Local Regulations and Safety Tips

Before you cast your line, it’s a good idea to check up-to-date regulations about size and bag limits, closed seasons, and permitted fishing methods. Remember, overfishing or catching undersized fish can harm the balance of our marine ecosystems.

Safety should also be at the forefront of any fishing trip in Margaret River. The region, while breathtakingly beautiful, can have some challenging conditions. Here are some safety tips to consider:

  • Check the Weather: Before heading out, always check the local weather forecast. Some areas, especially beaches with strong waves, can become dangerous quickly in poor weather.
  • Stay Informed about Tides: If you’re fishing on the beach or rocky shores, be aware of tide changes. Getting caught in a rising tide can be dangerous, especially in secluded spots.
  • Wear the Right Gear: Non-slip shoes, a hat, and sunscreen are must-haves. If you’re rock fishing, wearing a life jacket is a smart move.
  • Be Cautious on Rocks: Wet rocks can be slippery. Always take care when walking on them and try to avoid turning your back to the waves.
  • Stay Hydrated: Fishing can be a waiting game, and you might be out for hours. Carry enough water with you, especially on sunny days.
  • Fish with a Buddy: There’s safety in numbers. Having someone with you can be invaluable if there’s an emergency, or even just to help you reel in a big catch.

Discover Margaret River Wine Tours

Discover Margaret River Wine Tours

Beach fishing and touring world-renowned vineyards is a unique experience that can be enjoyed all year round in Margaret River. Start your day with great fishing along the pristine coasts and then as the sun climbs higher, transition to wine tasting in the local vineyards.

Walk through rows of grapevines, learn about the intricate winemaking process, and savour a glass of Margaret River’s finest wine. At Harvest Tours, we organise guided tours to the region’s best wineries and other top attractions. Whether you are a local looking for a great time or a tourist searching for the best Western Australia experience, we have you covered!

Browse our Margaret River wine tours and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you!

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